Super Berry Blaster Smoothie

A super smoothie bursting with antioxidant powerhouses and high levels of phytochemicals (naturally occurring nutrients in berries that help protect cells from damage) with added benefits of coconut water, kale, chia seeds and avocado which include electrolytes, amino acids, iron, vitamin K, protein and good fats. An all round berry beneficial smoothie!

(Serves 2)

1 cup - Blueberries
1 cup - Strawberries
1 - Passion Fruit
½ cup - Blackberries
½ cup - Redcurrants
½ cup - Blueberries
½ - Avocado
4/5 large - Kale leaves (de-stemmed)
¼ cup - Goji berries
¼ cup - Chia seeds
400ml - Coconut water

1. Whizz all ingredients together using a powerful blender. 

2. Pour in to a jar or glass and garnish with a sprinkle of chia seeds and a slice of strawberry.