Nectar Cafe - The End of An Era

After coming home from my summer 2014 travels, I had realised my passion for healthy food and decided that after years of doing jobs that didn’t quite fit me, I would find myself a job I really enjoyed. Post Burning Man, I was all about the law of attraction (which FYI is totally legit) and created a specific vision of what I wanted. I envisioned a place where I would get to make super healthy, tasty food, where I could be creative in the kitchen, exploring new ingredients and learning more about their benefits. An environment where I felt useful, valued and excited and could progress into a leadership position. Preferably working with a small team of lovely people, in a convenient but nice location, maybe with some fitness perks – a gym or a yoga studio or something?
Well, I got back to London and almost instantly found exactly all of the above!

I landed myself a job with Nectar Café – Founded by Katia Narain Philips, a pioneer of the raw food movement, at the yoga and wellness group Triyoga, Camden.
Nectar Café serves nutrient rich food aiming to support a healthier lifestyle, with a menu of amazing vegetarian, plant based delights including cold-pressed juices, colourful salad bowls, smoothies, Vietnamese style summer rolls, soups, botanical crystal-infused herbal waters, nut milks, specially blended herbal teas and so on.

After just a few months of landing the role, I was promoted to Manager and Assistant Recipe Developer – This was my first management position and the first time recipes I had created were being sold to the general public. With the help of a fantastic team and creative, supportive leadership from Katia, Nectar Café grew bigger and stronger. We developed the menu and created new, colourful, dishes which gave me an opportunity to create, among other dishes, a vegan, Caribbean bowl which was definitely a proud moment for me.


Nectar’s success and popularity lead to Katia and I teaching cooking workshops (which was definitely a highlight in my time with Nectar). Teaching some of the recipes I had created and a little food styling to our excited, happy ‘students’ definitely boosted my confidence and increased my passion for what I do. This experience solidified to me that I was heading in the right direction and was definitely on to something but also (though at the time a scary thought) I was ready for change.

After an amazing couple years at Nectar Café, it became clear it was time for me to fly the nest. The end of an era to say the least!

I needed to focus more on creating new recipes, learning and practising my food styling and photography, blogging, exploring some new exciting opportunities and to take a little down time to enjoy a nice, relaxed, carefree summer.
I’ll never forget my first real job working in food, the confidence it helped me build, the creativity it inspired, the knowledge I gained. I made so many great memories, worked with some of my best friends, made wonderful new friends, learned so much, created so much, have inspired and been inspired and I am truly grateful to have experienced it all from the very first day.
Wishing the new Nectar 2.0 team the best and brightest future!

If you’re ever in Camden and in need of some nourishing, I would highly recommend you stop by Nectar Café!