Hello, my name is
Mica Francis-Angel...

Growing up in a single parent household, I had to start learning how to cook when I was around 8 years old. It was just me, my brother and my dad for a long time and since none of us could cook, we all had to learn together.
Dad always pushed us to live a healthy lifestyle, making sure we were keeping fit, playing sports and eating our vegetables. However, when it came to taste, it took us couple years of burnt, bland, dishes before we all found our way around a kitchen and began making meals we actually enjoyed!  

In my early 20's I was an aspiring actress experiencing the stress and confusion of being a 20-something living in London. After taking up yoga and spending some time with a super healthy vegan friend in California post Burning Man (which FYI was the most magical, wonderful, life-changer that is now a yearly tradition), I came back to the UK inspired to switch things up and make healthy, positive changes in my life. 
I began 'I Was Promised Donuts', playing around with classic dishes, experimenting with recipe development and food styling, sharing my experiences in food, fitness, travel and all things that I feel benefit my life and wellbeing. 
After making a career change to follow my new passion, I began working as a healthy food chef, recipe developer and food blogger which has since lead to teaching cooking lessons also.
This was the first time in my adult life that I felt I had found happiness in my work and I have continued to feel this way ever since.

I believe food should be fun and try to create food that is colourful, creative and packed with goodness without sacrificing flavour.
Healthy eating has given me such a boost and since changing my diet my mind and body feel better then ever. 

To me, food is such an important part of life and I feel very fortunate to have the luxury to experience it in this way.  
Food is not simply sustenance, its a wonderful pleasure that should be enjoyed and shared with others.
This is the feeling I would like to share with others through this blog!

I hope you enjoy!
Mica Francis-Angel